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Jan 23, 2014

No Guesses for Photo

Sorry I have no guesses for the last photo I posted.

But I do have something for you...

Create Matching Background From Your Photo

  1. File, New, Blank File and Box opens, Click on Preset, Dropdown will appear and choose Scrapbooking. It will be a 12” x 12” and then make sure Resolution is 300 and Background color is white.
  2. File, Open and choose a photo. Works best with many different colors in your photo.
  3. Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool. Go to top where it has the options and Click on 1st Block, New Selection, then Feather set to 0,  Mode drop down choose Fixed size. Then Width 1 px and Height 3600 px.  Note: I also tried Width at 10 px which is what my Plaid Lot of Colors Sample is.
  4. Click at the top of your photo and a line will appear where ever you click. Try to make it so the line goes down through as many colors in the photo as you can get.
  5. Choose Edit and Copy.
  6. Now go to your White layer. And Choose Edit , paste. 
  7. Choose your move tool and you will be able to see the line and the 4 arrows. Click on each one and stretch to the edge and then click checkmark to confirm your action.
  8. Now duplicate that layer.Go to Image at the top and Rotate that copy to the left. (make sure you are on the copied layer)
  9.  Then Stay on the copy and Reduce the Opacity to 50 %. 
  10. Then Merge the two layers and you have your plaid to match your photo.

And Now for some FREE Backgrounds. In case you want to have a few without the work. You can download from the following link.

Hope you enjoy.
God Bless

Jan 12, 2014

We have a Winner!! Wahoo!!!

You all had some wonderful guesses. Hope you enjoyed and will play again. The Photo was Toothpicks.

The Winner is BloomingKnitter.  Congratulations!!

Please email me your name, email address and mailing address so I can send you the Surprise Prize.
 My Email

Thank you all for entering your guess and Now for the next photo. Please try your guess again and get some of your friends to guess also and give everyone a chance to win a Surprise Prize.

Please become a Follower (toward the bottom of the page on the left side). Also you can Follow by entering your email so you will be notified when there's a new post and you can guess again or maybe receive a FREE file for Scrapbooking or other Crafts.

Jan 4, 2014

FUN FUN FUN! Guess what it is, WIN a Prize! if you guess the correct answer.

I Love to take photos of all kinds of things. I know many of you do too. I just have so many photos of things and I would like to have some FUN on my blog. Please join in... Crazy answers are FUN too!

Here's how it works.. I will post a Photo of something and you can submit your guess in the comments what you think it is... Easy, Huh! Sorry, Only one winner to each photo so if there is a tie. There will be a drawing of just those that had the correct answer and then a Surprise will be awarded to the Winner.

Hurry with your answer. Deadline is Midnight, January 11, 2014 so I can add another one.
Good Luck to All!!!
Until Next time
God Bless

Oct 30, 2013

Back Again with Freebie for You

It's been a while but I finally have something for you to download Free. I hope you like. These are some fabrics that my Sister in law shared with me and I photographed them so I thought I would share with you. They will make great backgrounds for your scrapbooking or texture for embellishments and you may even figure out other uses for them. I created them in 12 x 12 size Because it's better to have larger than small. You can reduce sizes but can't enlarge them very well. Please share a comment. I would love to know how you use them.

Just click on this link and in case you are not familiar with, when Box opens just go to the right and click options and then Download Folder.

1930's Fabric Backgrounds

Till Next Time
God Bless

Oct 1, 2013

Something New if you have a Blog

Click to View My FlipBook

I just Discovered this on Chrome. It's called FlipShack.  I have been on Internet Explorer since it started and was reluctant to change but finally did and I love it plus there's all these apps you can click on and get free. If you have Chrome check this Flip Book out. I just think it is GREAT! Let me know what you think or what you have discovered and like if you have Chrome.

Until Next Time
God Bless

Sep 21, 2013

A FREE Tutorial for PS and PSE Users

First I just want to tell you what I've been doing. I think I already told you I got Photoshop Elements 10 and have been learning the program. Also I have created and had printed 5 books for Grandchildren. Now I want to add a tutorial for you if you have Elements and I believe this will work in any version of Photoshop.

Creating a Circle by Magic ( 7 - E A S Y  Steps)


1. Go to File, New, Blank and then from the Preset arrow drop down choose Scrapbooking. It should have 12 X 12 inches and make sure the Resolution is 300 and choose color white.

2. Go to the bottom of your Layers and click on the little square to create a new layer.

3. To start we will use something easy but you can use lots of Brushes that will work with this. Click on your Brush tool on the tool bar and then go to the top and choose your Default Brushes.
4. Now Click the Drop down arrow and choose #19 and size it to about 209 then go across to where a Brush is pictured for options click on that brush and on the drop down choose Spacing and then run the slider to about 100.

5. Now go to your page and hold your shift key down and go down the page to about the center left hand side Start as close to the left size as possible without going off the page and start dragging your Dot Brush across the page to close to the end. You may have to practice a little with this. Don’t go off the page at this point.

6. Go to and click on your move tool and then you will have your Dots line with boxes on the ends and center. Go to right bottom corner box and stretch the end a tiny bit over edge of paper on both sides. Then grab the center box and stretch the height up some. You may have to play with this a bit.

7. Now go to Filters, Distort, Polar Coordinates and a box will open, Make sure Rectangular to Polar is selected, Then Click OK and you have a Circle.

If the Dots are oval you may need to Click undo and then stretch them some more. You then should have round circles. If there’s too much space between the top two you may need to go back and stretch a little more on the sides.

You can resize it any size by just grabbing the lower right corner when you click and hold the box will turn to two arrows and just drag to whatever size you want it.

As my photo shows, you can use lots of different brushes to do this and then you can use them to frame your Photos or just embellishment on your page.

Note: You can also use this method with Type.

If you have any problems please contact me and I will do my best to help you. Once you play around with it you will find it is easy. Please show us what you have created. Enjoy!

Until next time
God Bless

Sep 7, 2013

Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking

This is such a great site. You will not believe it. Please go check it out. I am still trying to work out some freebees for you. Just not sure what to do. I really need some comments from you to get something together. Please let me know.

God Bless