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Aug 28, 2010

This is all new to me

This is my first post and I don't really know what I am doing so please bear with me.

I am a Mother of 1 and 3 Stepchildren and a Grandmother of 9 and Great Grandmother of 4. Quite a bunch but love them all.

My husband is self employed and I am retired so I find myself with lots of time to do some of the things I love to do like scrapbooking and crafts.

I just finished working on a book of my ancestors on my Father's Family. The Family Tree had been started and mostly done. I just added some of the more recent gererations and compiled it with some of our Family's history and photos into a book. If you ever want to try making one yourself the site link to create is . The software they use is pretty simple to use and its all free until you have the book printed and that is what cost but the prices are reasonable compared to all those I checked before I started the project plus I found that the options in the software were better for the things I wanted to include.

I guess this post is a start and hope I get some posts from others.
I will be adding some free files for cutting as I make them and photos of some of my creations.

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