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Jan 17, 2011

Trying to Share My Creation

Hello Everyone and Now I will try to share a file I created. I hope it works for you. If not please let me know and I will try to find out what I did wrong and I hope it is not too difficult to figure out or maybe I will have to go in a different direction. I have included pictures of this 2 way file. It can be used as a frame for a picture or the inside can be used to add as a mat or an element for a layout. You may even come up with other ideas on your own but anyway I hope it works for you and Thanks for visiting my site and downloading my creation.
Here is the link to download Free
At this point you are Free to do whatever with the file. Just Enjoy.
God Bless

Jan 13, 2011

Gifts I made for Christmas

I made 4 of these (different). One of each Great Grandchild

Here are some of the things I made for Christmas Gifts. There were a couple of things I could not get the photo to post right and I tried and tried. One was an ornament to hang on the tree I made for the little great Grandkids. It was a silhouette of each of them on a big Christmas ball. The other was a tile for each family group with their inital and last names. Everybody loved the gifts I think I hope. You're never sure because people always act like they love gifts.

A Tag for Grandson

Made of wood with vinyl lettering and silhouette of Daughter and Son in law

Another one of Grandson. Made a total of 6 of these with different family members

Maybe the others I can figure out what is wrong with the photos so I can add them later.
God Bless All

Added Some new things

I have added some new things and next I want to figure out how to add files so I can share with others things I create. I don't create all that much but maybe in time I will do more and I will share with others. I may have too much on my blog now so if you have problems with the things I have added please let me know. They say some things will make it slow for others to view and I know that is aggravating so if you have any problems please let me know.
I am into digital scrap booking and very new at that too but really like it because it is so much easier and less expensive too. I think I will eventually do both by creating it digitally and then print and add some other things to give it more dimension.
Since all the holidays are over I can get back to creating even though I was creating during the holidays because I made most of the Christmas gifts this year. As soon as I can download the photos I took I will post some of the gifts I made and it might give others some ideas for next year. I know one thing I will start very soon to make gifts for next year if I decide I will make anything for next year. I really need to make that decision soon.
And now I must move on to some other things.
God Bless All

Jan 11, 2011

Lets see if I can add a file

I will attach a Frame I created in Inkscape to give to you FREE. I have included a photo of it. If you would like the file to cut please let me know.

Well I will keep on trying things until I get it all down on what I am doing.

God Bless

Jan 10, 2011

I still don't know what I am doing

This is crazy I gave up for a while and now I am back trying this out again. Maybe I can figure out this time. If anybody wants to jump in and give me some suggestions I would really appreciate. I will add a picture and see how it looks.

The Background was provided Free by and elements by They have some beautiful Designs to download free and some to buy.
Until I figure some more out
God Bless All