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Jan 13, 2011

Added Some new things

I have added some new things and next I want to figure out how to add files so I can share with others things I create. I don't create all that much but maybe in time I will do more and I will share with others. I may have too much on my blog now so if you have problems with the things I have added please let me know. They say some things will make it slow for others to view and I know that is aggravating so if you have any problems please let me know.
I am into digital scrap booking and very new at that too but really like it because it is so much easier and less expensive too. I think I will eventually do both by creating it digitally and then print and add some other things to give it more dimension.
Since all the holidays are over I can get back to creating even though I was creating during the holidays because I made most of the Christmas gifts this year. As soon as I can download the photos I took I will post some of the gifts I made and it might give others some ideas for next year. I know one thing I will start very soon to make gifts for next year if I decide I will make anything for next year. I really need to make that decision soon.
And now I must move on to some other things.
God Bless All

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