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Sep 30, 2011

Sorry Missed Tuesday this week

I am sorry I missed Tuesday. Trying to get ready for our company coming for the weekend. They are here now and just have a few minutes to post a note so I thought I would let anyone know what happened. Hopefully I will be back on schedule next week with a file to share so please check back Wednesday and see what goodie I have for you.

God Bless

Sep 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Sorry, I am a little late. It is 3:45 AM and I was working on something else yesterday and didn't get a chance to add to my blog but I created this morning so maybe I can get the file to share with you all before everyone gets started this morning but I guess it really depends on your time zone.

Had some things happen to me this week so got behind on everything. I tripped and fell coming out of the Post Office over one of those parking cement things. Went down on my face and got a little skinned up and think I may have fractured some ribs. Very painfull but am taking pain medication and I think they are healing pretty good but it is hard to tell with taking the medication. If it is healing this fast though maybe just bruised them but hard to believe since it was so painfull.

Anyway I have created a little something for Halloween for you. I am not much into Halloween but I know lots of people are so maybe some of you will be able to use this file for a page with some of those photos you have taken or will take with kids in costumes.

 Here is a sample of what it looks like. The element used for fill is by Truly Tango She shares a lot of creations to use with DSA2.I like making files that can be used for cutting or Digital pages etc.

You can download SVG file link here

or here

Until Next Week
God Bless

Sep 14, 2011

I am Excited about this New Digital Creation

So I wanted to go ahead and get this on here so you can try out. I hope you like. If you have any problems with it please let me know so I can fix. Lots of things I try seem to work well for me but there's always a chance someone else may have problems with it. I also would love to see anything you create using the files.

You can download file from the following

Until Next week
God Bless

Sep 13, 2011

Another Tuesday How time Flies...

I actually created a new file yesterday and had just finished but I decided to color it before I saved and wouldn't you know inscape froze up. I tried everything to salvage and I do ususally try to save pretty often but was just kind of playing around and before I knew it I actually had a file created so now I will have to go back and try making that again another time but for now I still have this one I created to share with you.

This is an SVG cutting file. You can download here. Hope you can use this file.

Until Next week
God Bless

Sep 6, 2011

Tuesday is almost over but I made it

I said that I would post on Tuesdays and it almost got by me but I made it. I think the holiday through me off. Hope you all had a great holiday! For those of you that work I am sure just having a day off was good. And it just keeps getting us closer to Christmas. The time just flies by anymore. Anyway now let me see what I can find to share with you.

Here is a Heart Frame I created. It is a SVG file for cutting but you can copy and paste it into other programs such as Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 or Inkscape and use effects to embellish and then use on your Digital scrapbook pages or Cards.

You can download here
This is what it will look like when you cut it out.

This is what it can look like with DSA2
Hope you enjoy and can use.
Until next time God Bless

Sep 2, 2011

Setting a day of the week for Blogging

I am realizing I need to do something to get into the habit of sharing on my blog so I believe I will set a day of the week and see if weekly is enough or too much. I do have many things I have created and would like to share with you but don't really know if I can keep up with a weekly but we shall see.

Here are a couple of designs I would like to share with you

You can download them at

I think I will make my day to blog and share files on Tuesdays so please check back each week at least by Wednesdays to see what I have for you.
Hope you like the gowns. These are svg cut files and would be great for cards or scrapbook pages or vinyl. I keep planning on doing them in vinyl and hang on the wall in my Scrap Room.
Until next week
God Bless