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Sep 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Sorry, I am a little late. It is 3:45 AM and I was working on something else yesterday and didn't get a chance to add to my blog but I created this morning so maybe I can get the file to share with you all before everyone gets started this morning but I guess it really depends on your time zone.

Had some things happen to me this week so got behind on everything. I tripped and fell coming out of the Post Office over one of those parking cement things. Went down on my face and got a little skinned up and think I may have fractured some ribs. Very painfull but am taking pain medication and I think they are healing pretty good but it is hard to tell with taking the medication. If it is healing this fast though maybe just bruised them but hard to believe since it was so painfull.

Anyway I have created a little something for Halloween for you. I am not much into Halloween but I know lots of people are so maybe some of you will be able to use this file for a page with some of those photos you have taken or will take with kids in costumes.

 Here is a sample of what it looks like. The element used for fill is by Truly Tango She shares a lot of creations to use with DSA2.I like making files that can be used for cutting or Digital pages etc.

You can download SVG file link here

or here

Until Next Week
God Bless

1 comment:

  1. Very nice frame! Thank you. I came over from the SCAL forums. So very sorry about your fall. I hope you heal quickly and it was just bruising. Take care.