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Oct 19, 2011

Extra Special FREEbie For You Cause it is Wednesday

I have just finished this Kit that I call Car Crazy and wanted to share with you. WOW Lots of work getting these together. I had no idea how much work a Full Kit can be till I did one so for all those that download FREE kits from others please be sure and tell them Thanks as it is very hard work and mine does not even compare to the more experienced out there that share all of their hard work for FREE.

Directions: For .pack files

Here is the Download link for PNG Car Crazy Kit, All in a .pack file

God Bless
  • Click on link to Download file which takes you to 4Shared and so you download from there. I always save to my desktop and then after I have extracted I just delete from my desktop.
  • The best way I have found then is to open where you have your pack files. Mine are in My Documents, then click on My Digikits.
  • Click on the icon (looks like a piece of paper folded at corner) that you downloaded to your desktop and just drag and drop into you pack file in your Digikits folder
If you have saved your packs elsewhere I believe you can just drag and drop into the folder that holds all of your pack files. There may be other ways to do but this is the only way I know and seems pretty easy for me.

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