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Oct 17, 2012

Into Another Week

Hello Everybody, Just checking in to say I really haven't created anything new. I am trying to learn Photoshop Elements and just checking all tutorials out there to learn. I was turned off to Photoshop for years because at one point I did have the Limited Edition and I could never figure out the whole thing which was very discouraging to me as I always have been able to figure out different software programs on my own and exceed far beyond but I just couldn't the Photoshop I had. A few months ago I downloaded the Trial Version of Photoshop Elements 10 and loved it. There's just so much you can do that I just keep learning and learning since I finally decided I wanted and my hubby bought me for my Birthday. I probably have lots of things I have created that I could show you but I just want to be able to give you things you can use for your Scrapbooking or Cardmaking and I just don't have anything special to share with you this week but please check back next week and just maybe I will have a BIG SURPRISE for you.

Until then
God Bless

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