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Oct 9, 2012

Where does the time go???

I am sorry it has been so long. I keep trying to get back to my blog. Please forgive me. I know you all know how other life things get in our way. There's just never enough time in a day. Anyway I am going to try again to start sharing. I really do love to create and make things just for sharing with you and I always hope you will find a use for the creations. Maybe you are like me and just love to get those FREE things just in case you have a need for them at a later time. At any rate I want you to have the option of downloading and saving just because you want them at the time.

I have been working on Digital Scrapbooks for my Grandchildren and as of now I have created one for 7 of them. I also may have mentioned before that I made a Digital Heritage Album of My Father's side of the family. It was about 60 pages I think. It was the 1st digital I did and even had our Family Tree with Birth and Death dates of all going through 11 generations so it was quite a job although the Family tree was pretty much all done by the time I decided to do the Heritage album. Mostly done by inlaws and that took years of work getting all that together. So that helped a lot in bringing it all together but doing it digital was a lot less time than if I would have done traditional Scrapbooking.

OK now you say enough chit chat I want my FREE file so let me see what I have done.  Here are some backgrounds or papers you can use for scrapbooking or whatever. I hope you can use them. There are 20 jpg papers. There's no theme, just a variety of papers or bkgrounds. I think they are pretty cool. I have them all together in a zip file. If you have any problems downloading please let me know. I used another place to share my files and now I cannot find it so I will keep looking as I know some are not too happy with 4shared but so far I really have not had any problems but please please let me know if you do.

You can click on this link and download the Zip file.

Till Next time
God Bless

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