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Jan 4, 2014

FUN FUN FUN! Guess what it is, WIN a Prize! if you guess the correct answer.

I Love to take photos of all kinds of things. I know many of you do too. I just have so many photos of things and I would like to have some FUN on my blog. Please join in... Crazy answers are FUN too!

Here's how it works.. I will post a Photo of something and you can submit your guess in the comments what you think it is... Easy, Huh! Sorry, Only one winner to each photo so if there is a tie. There will be a drawing of just those that had the correct answer and then a Surprise will be awarded to the Winner.

Hurry with your answer. Deadline is Midnight, January 11, 2014 so I can add another one.
Good Luck to All!!!
Until Next time
God Bless


  1. photo of the binding of score white cardstock

  2. Q-tips! Julie Powers (