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Jan 23, 2014

No Guesses for Photo

Sorry I have no guesses for the last photo I posted.

But I do have something for you...

Create Matching Background From Your Photo

  1. File, New, Blank File and Box opens, Click on Preset, Dropdown will appear and choose Scrapbooking. It will be a 12” x 12” and then make sure Resolution is 300 and Background color is white.
  2. File, Open and choose a photo. Works best with many different colors in your photo.
  3. Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool. Go to top where it has the options and Click on 1st Block, New Selection, then Feather set to 0,  Mode drop down choose Fixed size. Then Width 1 px and Height 3600 px.  Note: I also tried Width at 10 px which is what my Plaid Lot of Colors Sample is.
  4. Click at the top of your photo and a line will appear where ever you click. Try to make it so the line goes down through as many colors in the photo as you can get.
  5. Choose Edit and Copy.
  6. Now go to your White layer. And Choose Edit , paste. 
  7. Choose your move tool and you will be able to see the line and the 4 arrows. Click on each one and stretch to the edge and then click checkmark to confirm your action.
  8. Now duplicate that layer.Go to Image at the top and Rotate that copy to the left. (make sure you are on the copied layer)
  9.  Then Stay on the copy and Reduce the Opacity to 50 %. 
  10. Then Merge the two layers and you have your plaid to match your photo.

And Now for some FREE Backgrounds. In case you want to have a few without the work. You can download from the following link.

Hope you enjoy.
God Bless

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