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Feb 5, 2015

All About Me

I think I am going to open up and talk about my problems in the hopes that someone else can relate to them. I have chronic back and leg pain and have had it for about 10 years now. When it first started I was constantly going to the Emergency Room for pain relief. It was just unbearable and I had no insurance. Then I finally was able to get on disability and get medicare and my family doctor referred me to a back specialist. After looking at my MRI he said my back was terrible and referred me to pain management so I could get injections. But, wait I skipped ahead a little, I had already been to chiropractors, 2 different ones with neither helping my pain after weeks and then I went to physical therapy at 2 different times with no help just increasing pain. Then that was when I went to the back doctor. Anyway he had referred me to pain management and I had 4 different injections and went to her for a couple of years with no help just continued with pain pills. Then due to her problems with Medicare she stopped seeing all Medicare patients so I had to seek another pain management doctor. I was referred to one and after he wanted to totally start over with an MRI and injections and I said I could not afford all that because I was still trying to pay bills from other medical expenses that medicare did not cover as they only pay 80% and I was responsible for other 20%. So he said for me to check with the family doctor and see if they would continue to give me my pain meds and that is where I am at now except they will not change the meds in any way and my pain is getting worse or I am getting immune to the pain medications. I really don't know what to do, they can refer me back to the pain management doctor but he will want to do the MRI and repeat injections and I really cannot afford that but I am back to suffering most of the day with the pain.

The above is why I have not been creative for quite a while. I would love to continue offering FREE creations for all to enjoy but I just don't have enough time without the pain to be creative. If anyone else is experiencing anything like this please tell me about it and how you received help in any way. Thank you and God Bless

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